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Our Story


Founded by Margaret in 1983, Beverly Custom Cleaners has always been a symbol of quality in the Southern California market. From our commitment to quality in garment care to the standards by which we treat our employees, decorate our premises, and produce our communication materials -- it all reflects a foundational commitment to quality in everything we do.


Now our main focus in Los Angeles County, customers know Beverly Custom Cleaners is committed to making them look good, with services aimed to please, such as free pick up and delivery, wedding gown preservation and restoration, Disaster Fire Restoration and specialty and vintage clothing care. Beverly Custom Cleaners has been voted best dry cleaners in Los Angeles County.



Our clientele includes most of the elite customers in the fashion industry, movies, producers, music producers, and hotels.


Mission Statement

Beverly Custom Cleaners is committed to being the leader in Quality Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Disaster Restoration Service. We continually strive to exceed customer expectations by providing friendly service, great value, and ambiance through the integrity and teamwork of our employees and business associates.


Attracting, Developing, Rewarding and Retaining a team of talented and dedicated employees is the key to quality operations, growth, and profitability.



Beverly Custom Cleaners specializes in a wide range of cleaning services. We are proud to service Southern California’s cleaning and restoration needs. We offer full Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Alterations, and Tailoring, Wedding Gown Preservation as well as Drapery cleaning and Disaster Fire Restoration.


Dry Cleaning
Shirt Laundry
Other Cleaning Services
Wet Cleaning
Fire and Water Restoration
Wedding Gown Preservation

Dry Cleaning

Clothes do reflect the person. 
At Beverly Custom Cleaners we know the importance of always looking your best and reflecting a professional image.

We are a Sanitone® Certified Master Dry Cleaner, which means your clothes will be cleaned with a pure, high-quality cleaning solution that preserves the color and texture of your garments.

Many fabrics, including wools, polyesters, and silks, cannot be cleaned effectively by soap and water cleaning. They may even be damaged by these methods. Beverly Custom Cleaners will dry clean your valuable fabrics to remove any oils or grease and avoid shrinkage and other damage.

Before dry cleaning, we pay special attention to stains. Our specially trained staff will carefully spot clean any stains, giving your garments the best possible care. We understand the strength of our cleaning solutions as well as the tolerance of your garment, and this understanding helps to prevent damage.

The dry cleaning process is very complex and includes many different stages that require professional training and expertise. The Beverly Custom Cleaners staff has been trained and educated in all these areas and will provide your garments with the high-quality cleaning treatment you deserve.


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